Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Wow what a season! It was exhausting and fun and funny! This group of kids was really lively. And really absent-minded, and maybe even a bit off their rocker. Lots of 4 year olds ( as apposed to 5 year olds like Al), lots of picking flowers and looking at birds. Running away was a common thing, hitting other children wasn't unhead of, and picking children up off the field because they were crawling like animals and running with them to get them to the next base happened at every single game!

Brian was head coach. There were two assistants. I was, what Al called the "snack coach" and we often times had plenty of other helpers on the field too.

Never the less, it was so great to watch them each week and see Alaric gain confidence and Brian gain patience!

Look at this sweetie!
Alaric was so proud to have his daddy as head coach!

The team

Brian really wanted to be sure they had fun at their last game so he had them all run bases to catch him.

And because the frogs in town had just grown their legs and there were hundreds ( literally) of teeny tiny frogs all over the field, they all pretended to be frogs for awhile too.

brian tells Alaric to think of the bat as a lightsaber and to slice through the ball like you were trying to kill Darth Vadar ( whatever works....Al loved it!)"I'm ready!"

Go BUBBA!!!!

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