Friday, June 10, 2011

Grandparents Week!

We were without kids this entire week as they went to Brian's parent's house for Grandparents Week. We met Bob and Chris at the Children's Museum in Normal where Mara loved brushing her teeth
and Nana's!

And Al loved exploring with Grandpa

We love this Museum too

Al and Daddy also challenged Nana to a game of checkers!Once the kids were on their way to Galesburg, we headed 16 miles out of town to the Mackinaw Valley Winery. It was amazing. You'd never know you were just outside B-N!

And the facility was awesome- seating for hundreds, tons of wine, amazing views, a beautiful day!

Brian and I sat in the Gazebo in the middle of the late sharing a bottle of wine, cheese and crackers, and just being together without the babies!

It was heaven!

And while I wish I could share more pics of the week without the kids, I can't- we didn't take any ( I know, shocking for me). We did however go see one movie (Hangover 2), rent 4 movies that we loved ( Due Date, Conviction, No Strings Attached, True Grit), went shopping together, went out to eat numerous times, ran together in the morning, slept in,stayed up late, drank lots of beer, talked, went to the pool and stayed on the adult side, and relaxed! It was amazing!!!!

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The Buehnerkemper Family said...

I'm so gald you two had some time to yourselves to enjoy each other. That winery in B-N looks amazing... I'll have to check it out!