Friday, June 3, 2011

The MOTHER of all Garage Sales

Today was the neighborhood garagesale and it was great! We had a blast setting up last night with the neighbors while the adults drank and the kids played.

We put it all out this morning and realized we have a TON of CRAP!!!!

it was everywhere...big little, and every other size. Good thing it was a great weather day.
We had the whole carport filled, both side of the driveway, the entire front yard, and a few things at our neighbors.

I put together activities for the kids to do DURING the sale so they would stay happy. This one was simply painting the sidewalk with water and paintbrushes. They loved it. Made a line from our yard to Jack and June's before it evaportated.

Or making your own choo choo train!

Even after the sale was packed up for the night, this is what is left-WOW- we got to get selling tomorrow!!!!!!!

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