Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Amara's First T-Ball Game

Amara is on the Maroon Team for T-Ball.  Its her first year.  Her team is mostly 4 year olds...a few 5 year olds.  A few, like Mara, who aren't even 4 yet.  Its fun to watch them!

Amara is ready for her game!
 Look at that focus
 There were a few pile ups.
 Coach Brian strikes his girly pose the 4-year olds were sporting.
 See, here's one now...
 Brian coaches our neighbor, Jake
 I think Mara may have watched too many men play baseball.  She's got the ready position down
 She scratches her crotch
 Flicks a booger
 And falls to the ground occasionally for no apparent reason.
Its going to be a long season but one sure to bring lots of laughs and great memories!

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