Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kindergarten Field Day

Today was the Field Day for the Kindergarteners.  I love that as a stay at home momma I get to volunteer at these sort of events.  And seeing Alaric's eyes light up made it all worth it!  So thankful for other mommies like Stacy who are willing to swap kids with me so we can both volunteer and have our littler ones taken care of.

Check out all these other moms waiting for their groups. 
 There were 15 stations.  In groups of 6 children, the kids rotated through the stations all afternoon.

Some were simple like bubbles or snack station or reading a book and drinks and bathroom breaks.  This was a chalk station.
 Others were more involved and active.  This one was a javoline throwing station.  Al loved this
 Hoola Hoops too.
he love love loved the water stations where they could get soaking wet.  What a fun day!

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