Saturday, June 30, 2012

Karate Camp- The Animals of Karate

Alaric had Karate Camp all week.  We were hesitant about sending him.  9 Hours of camp all week and really expensive ( for us).  But Alaric really wanted to do it and assured us he would work his hardest and stay focused and give it his all.  AND HE DID!

We sent him to the morning session and it only had 8 students ( the PM group had more than 30).  He was able to get TONS of individual attention and got to work with Sensai alot!  it was also rediculously hot and I cant imagine having 30 kids in a room with no AC.

he learned alot and had a blast.  Even got to go to a "sleepover" Friday night at the Karate place.  He stayed until 10:30!  What a great week it was!

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