Monday, July 2, 2012

Zac & Margee's Wedding in St. Louis

One of my best friends from childhood married the woman of his dreams yesterday at the Bascillica in St. Louis.  The facility was incredible!
 Zac was so cute...he started crying as soon as the bridesmaids began their journey down the aisle!  The wedding was gorgeous and the couple was so beautiful together!
 We had 5 hours to kill between the wedding and reception so we went with our friends, The Johnsons and Cynthia's brother and sister-in-law for lunch and drinks!
 and shots ( because who doesn't need a shot at 1PM on a Saturday?)
 We cleaned up well and were excited about our evening together.
 Not only is Zac my childhood friend but he's also Brian's pledge son in their fraternity, Beta Theta Pi.  Brian was able to connect with some of his fraternity brothers too, including one of his favorites, Jack.  We discovered Jack lives only 20 minutes away in Decatur ( we can't wait to connect with Jack again soon).
 I LOVE weddings with Brian!
 Zac and Margee were adorable all night!
 Love the Smiths!!!!
 We also loved every second we got to spend with our dear friends, Ryan and Cynthia- they made the night and the entire weekend extra fun!
 I loved watched Zac dance and the way he attended to Margee and pulled her into the mix( literally pulled)!
 Zac will always be so special in our lives as he really was the connection made the night Brian and I met and fell in love.  When he told me he was in Beta, I told him I only knew one Beta and it was my best friend from childhood, Zac Smith.  Brian responded that Zac was his pledge son.  I called Zac that night to try and reconnect the two.  I promised Brian that night that I would get him in contact with Zac again soon.  Who knew Zac would be the one to help bring us together, without even being there.  Our small world story.  Part of the reason I trusted Bri from that very first moment.  We love telling our love story and love bringing Zac into it every single time.  We told the story lots this weekend and it was so fun!  Thanks Zac!
 After the wedding we went out for drinks with the Johnsons and Gonzolez'- what a fun night!

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