Saturday, July 28, 2012

Veronica's Stage Debut

Today we went to my neice, Veronica's stage debut at the Parkland College Theatre.  She was in a junior preformers class where the kids decided what parts they wanted to play, the wrote the scripts, they blocked the scenes, etc.  They did it all.  Veronica was the youngest star at FIVE YEARS OLD!  We all came out to support her!
 V'd first scene- look at those skills- totally playing the part!  LOVE the expression
 Another scene
 Alaric asking for V's autograph on his program
 First autograph EVER for my sweet little cowgirl!!
 We were all so proud of her!
 Especially her mommy and daddy ( check out all the flowers she got!)
Great job, Veronica!  You were amazing!

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