Monday, July 30, 2012

The Many Faces of Alaric & Amara

Since my kids share room, we have mostly non-gender decorations.  The walls have black and white pictures.  Since Alaric was an infant, we've had body parts of the babies on the walls.  When Mara was born, we switches out Alaric's to toddler parts. Assuming we'd take new ones every couple years to show their growth and development.  Sadly, 4 years later, Alaric still has pictures of when he was 2 and Mara...
 ...her's are all pictures from when she was a baby.  And while I desperately LOVE these pictures and will save them forever, they needed to be changed.  I asked the kids to help me.  They asked if they could dress up and take pictures.  And the idea was born.  I told them they could dress up as whatever they wanted.  The only rule was one picture had to be a sweet picture with no costume.  We had SO much fun this morning.  We destroyed the house trying to find all the perfect accessories and made a morning of the costume changes and imaginations.  What resulting were 4 perfect pictures of each of my children truly showing their personalities and their spirits....
 My sweet boy
 Karate man
 Ninja warrior
 Beach girl
 Movie star
 My sweet Mara
LOVE, LOVE,LOVE these and can't wait for them to be on the walls!

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