Thursday, July 19, 2012

Swimming Lessons!

The kids did swim lessons for the past two weeks and had SO much fun in class with new friends!
And they both learned so much.  
Amara fell in googly love with one of her teachers, Mr. Ryan.  And Ryan was kinda sweet on her too.  She didn't really like anyone else but Ryan to work with her. 
On the last day, the little ones got to go down the slide and be caught.  Guess who caught Mara?  Ryan!
And then she melted into his arms ( this was not a floating exercise)...its really disgusting really.  She's only 4! God help us!
Bubba needs no catching- he's amazing on the slide!
Amara's class
Alaric's class
Mara passed- she's a Turtle!
Alaric passed- he's a DUCK!

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