Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1st!

Today is the 1st day of March and today is special because it's Brian's grandma's 90th birthday!!! 90 years old!!!! We have a big weekend of celebrating her life ahead and its going to be wonderful! Happy Birthday, Grandma!!! We love you!

March 1st also means its Birthday month! Brian's, mine, and Alaric are all this month along with numerous other family members so we celebrate all month.

Brian and I both get it that until Alaric's party is over, its mostly about him. I spoil my babies! Especially around birthdays.

Last night I switched things in the house to get ready for this month. All the pictures in the landing room ( which normally have pics of each child and the two kids together) turned into Alaric through the years-starting with his first portrait pics at 3 months-5 years. LOVE IT!
We are living and breathing StarWars here and Alaric's Star Wars party will be on the everywhere you look, I've put Star Wars stuff... by the front door you'll find Grammy's handmade Darth Vador and C3p0 and R2D2

Each month I switch out all the books in the baskets to reflect the holidays or the seasons. Today they have St. Patrick's Day books, birthday books, and of course, Star Wars!!!

Even the bathroom is decked out with Star Wars!

And the final sweet boy asks me, "mommy, can you take off that ring and wear the ring you have to show your love for me?"

Of course. Today and all month, I wear the ring Brian bought me after Bubba was born with his birthstone.

We have lots to be happy about. Lots to celebrate. Lots of blessings in our life. Let the celebrating begin! Happy march!

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The Buehnerkemper Family said...

I love all the wonderful traditions you have for your family, it's amazing!