Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Are You F-ing kidding me?

I started Physical Therapy Today. Called ASTYM. They should call it HELL. I've never experienced anything like it. When my podiatrist told me it makes grown men cry, I was scared. Now I'm a believer. I cried, sweat, hit the table with my fists, moaned, and did everything I could to get through the 45 minute session. YUP -FORTY FIVE MINUTES OF THIS SHIT! She uses 3 tools designed to MANUALLY lengthen the fasciia that runs along the bottom of my foot and MANUALLY break up the scar tissue.

During the session, she asked me to look back at my heels. They were red with greenish-purplely spiders under the skin. I asked what that was. BLOOD. She said I had a bleeder under the skin and that she just broke through some scar tissue. She was excited. I cried.

But- I feel better. I do. I have to. This HAS to work. Otherwise, I'll have surgery in May after Alaric's 5K.

Here's a video of what ASTYM is. From 4:58-to the end is what my chick is doing to me.

And here's what my calfs look like today!

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