Saturday, March 17, 2012

Alaric's SIXTH birthday party- STAR WARS!!!!

Today was the day Alaric has been waiting for for 11 months...his Star Wars Birthday Party!!!! Instead of in years past where 30 kids and 30 parents were invited, this year he was limited to TEN friends and it was a drop off party!!! So much easier and more fun to plan!

Here is my little Jedi Knight!
Coloring Station for kids to utilize during "quiet" times when they weren't allowed to battle

Star Wars Toys Station- another "quiet" thing

Tons of coloring pages

Yoda Soda ( lemonade)Masterpiece of a cake...made by Grammy!

Table was ready- even with Star Wars Confetti!

Obi Wan was ready to fight and lead the Jedi's through their training!Uncle Dan made this for Bubba for Christmas- him with his favorite Star Wars Characters- too awesome NOT to display!

Everyone received a light sabor bubble wand as a favor ( I got last October at 90% summer clearance. paid 10 cents a piece)

Goody bags were super simple....Star Wars Fruit Roll Up and Star Wars stickers ( hit the jackpot last summer at a garage sale and got 100 sheets of brand new star wars stickers for $2)

We don't do gifts at our kids' parties. Instead the children decide on service project to do. This year, inspired by the Jedi Training School at The Temple. Alaric asked that we gather school supplies. We decided to support God'sLittlestAngels Orphanage in Haiti as the founder is from Monticello and we have numerous friends who have gone to Haiti to do missions here. Alaric's friends were very generous!

Each child got their own picture taken and some posed with Jedi Alaric too!!!One of about 20 different battles throughout the party. They were very intense...thus, occassionally we needed the "quiet" stations!

To build our Jedi's listening skills, Obi Wan lead them in Obi Wan Says


To strengthen those light sabor skills, they were each asked to balance and bounce a balloon on their sabor to see who could do it the longest....Jedi Knights Reagan and Veronica were the winners!

Obi Wan notified the Jedi's that Yodi has been kidnapped and we MUST build our mind power and find our Master!

4 different clues were given as they ran from place to place looking for Yoda and finding more clues.

They found him...Safe at last!

Queen Amidala reminds them that they've now trained for listening, trained with their sabors, trained their minds. Now they must train their bodies! Build agility and speed for battles. An obstacle course was set up around the outside of the room with 6 obstacles....jumping over chairs, climbing through a tent, climbing under tables, putting on a backpack to practice carrying Yoda, weaving though cones, and racing on a podracer ( scooter).

They did it one and a time with the rest cheered them on. They were so focused and stayed in character. it was so fun to watch!

Look at these awesome Jedi Knights in Training!!!Now it is time to fuel our bodies! CAKE!!!

Princess Leia was ready for any fight too!

Pinata Time!!!!! The Jedi's loved beating up Darth!

and racing to get lots of candy!We all stood in a Jedi Circle and took the Jedi Oath

Then Obi Wan lead us all in the graduation ceremony of Jedi Training School...all the Jedi's graduated and received certificates signed by Yoda himself!

It was really an Awesome party! The kids had a blast and it was great having only 12 of them there. My brother was a life saver helping with all the Jedi's and details during the party and most of the dads who came to pickup also stayed to help cleanup and we were out of there 30 minutes after the party ended! What a great day!!!!

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