Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tonight we went to the Allerton Music Barn for their Octoberfest.  Love this amazing barn!  The kids and I took a few pics outside while we waited for brats to cook

 After Brats and beer for dinner, we headed upstairs to listen to the Oompa Band.  Of course they wanted participation and by the second song, the kids and Brian and I and just one other couple were out of the dance floor.
 This is how it was for the rest of our time there..,.our kids dancing.  We even got a special surprise from our kids' favorite babysitter who's now in college. She too danced!
 We love Emma!
 Mara danced alone for a long time too.  Not really alone.  She dragged both Nana and Grandpa out on the dancefloor too!

Not bad skills, really!

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