Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dawg Gets Married

Today we went to the wedding of Brian's best friend, Matt ( we call him Dawg).  He had a beautiful outdoor wedding.  It was probably the shortest wedding I've ever been to...about 10 minutes but it was lovely!
 Brian got to reconnect with some dear highschool friends
 And of course, we got to be together- we love weddings!
 Brian got to celebrate with his best friend too
 Prom photo
 and just silliness!
 Dawg's niece was one of my preschool students 13 years ago!  She's 16 now!!!!GORGEOUS TOO!
 Matt's wife, Katie did so much of the wedding herself and made it incredibly intimate.  Check out this gorgeous guest book!  We put our fingerprints on their tree with our signatures next to it
 Darling signs and homemade centerpieces made it extra special

 But really, just getting the chance to hang out with some of our favorite people was enough!  Congrats Katie and Matt!

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