Sunday, October 2, 2011

Another Whirlwind Weekend!

After soccer, an Illini game, and a tiny bit of down time, I headed to a Girls Night IN at my friend Kim's house. She totally overdid herself with the purple and black theme and we all loved it. We each got a zebra print bandana and a treat bag with snacks and glow stick earrings. And she made each of us a friendship bracelet!

We ate only pink foods and drank girly drinks ( I had beer)

Don't Kathy and I look totally cool in our glow earring?The purpose was to watch Bridesmaids and we did finally do that but for much of the time, we joust talked and laughed and hung out. It was much needed! Thanks Kim!

Sunday morning came fast after a super late night out but my kids were too cute not to snap pictures of.... Bubba

Bubba and Sissy


My dad's birthday is my surgery day ( Sorry Dad) so we celebrated it together as a family after church with lunch out and home for gifts and dessert. V made him a picture

While Baby Jack looked up to his big cousin.

Pumpkin pie, one of dad's favorites.

A papa and all his grandbabies...nothing sweeter!Sunday afternoon we headed to Jupiter to hang with some Zeta Alumnae, kick off breast cancer awareness month, and play some games and eat pizza!

What a great group of ladies!

The weekend was exhausting but so much fun!

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