Sunday, October 16, 2011

ISU Homecoming!

So, one week after surgery I had a 5K. I was nervous. My rolled ankle was still swollen. I hadn't run in two weeks. My doctor didn't want me to do it. But I had to. I HAD to. needed to run. needed to prove I myself. To others. Everything still hurt on my chest. Everything. My incision is much more painful than I anticipated. Sports Bra. Two layers of binding my boobs. Incision covered. Ankle bound. My "girls" were going nowhere.
My crabby face when we discovered our registration had been lost, even though I had already been charged $50 and we weren't going to get a cool gift bag with tshirts, water bottles, etc.

Brian ran with me. He runs so much faster but wanted to stay by my side.

It felt good to run. Bri and I laughed alot and talked the whole time. It was fun!

We set up our tailgate with our Sig Ep friends and back to the hotel to get ready. So cute, aren't we?And then it began. I've never seen anything like an ISU tailgate. Seriously. I thought it would be comparable to U of I. the only thing it was comparable was to a bar on a Saturday night at 2Am before last call when everyone is shoulder to shoulder, in a drunken haze, and trying to pound drinks and hook up. It was out of control. I LOVED IT! I loved that so many of our dear friends came with us. And that Bri got to see ISU for the first time.

Perfect coozie for my hubby with liver damage!!!(AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH) That's the sounds of the heavens opening up and the beer bong slowly decending to Earth....or us taking it out of our kick ass mini van!!! the college kids looked in wonder. Our friends knew it was coming. Look it Bri's face...its like he's saying " yup, thats right- its a 6 person beer bong. and yes- the over 30 year old brought it"!

the college kids listened to my instructions and my friends ignored me as they knew I was full of shit.

First beer bong of the day! GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!I. LOVE.IT!!!Mira brought Boozy Bears

Trips down Zeta memory lane....a boda!A Boda and my BF!!!

Out of control...and its' only noon

This is Nick. Poor guy. Hes only been out of school for a year and took over as the Sig Ep organizer. He got partnered with me to do tailgate planning. Seriously. I feel for him! We had a blast though.Jill. 12:30 in the afternoon....foreshadowing for the night ahead...who knows? Who remembers?

God I love my friends!

And some collegiate Zetas found out the alums were nearby. It was nice to say hello!My friend Jason....presidents together in 1997

Two of my besties...Jenny and Alicia

I wish I could tell you more about my day and show you pictures but I don't have many. You all know how excited I was to get that beer bong, right? Well, I'm also a stay at home mommy who doesn't drink that often. I thought I was so cool and could drink like the 20 year olds and lost track of beer bonging at TWELVE!!!! 12 beer bongs in 3 hours.

After everyone else went to the PUb, bri and I had to clean up. This is where I lose my memory on the details....lets just say I had a Real Housewives of Jersey moment and flipped my tailgating table over for absolutely no reason-sending food and salsa and crap flying....never made it to the Pub . Woke up hours later asleep with my face in the toilet at the hotel.

NOTE- I am not 20, or 25, or even 30! I cannot pretent anymore! I may think I'm cool but I'm really not!

It was SOOOO fun though and I love, love, love my friends!

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Jenny Murray said...

Love you Katie! Thanks for organizing the tailgate. Ridiculous.