Sunday, October 30, 2011

Meet Annika Narree

As if our Sunday wasn't busy enough, we added one more thing and its what I was the most excited about. Our friends, The Pellums, had twins in September. Annika and Nadia. Annika has been home from the hospital for weeks and Nadia is still in the NICU getting her lungs stronger before she too gets to come home. I've been waiting for the chance to meet them and Sunday we got to meet Annika!

She's so beautiful and at almost 3 months weighs just around 7 pounds. It brought back so many memories of Alaric and having such a small baby. She's precious! Pretty much I just held her and snuggled her and looked at all her little features. Since Mara was such a colicky baby, it had been years since I got to have the undivided attention of a perfect little baby! I even offered to change her diaper before her feeding!

It was nice, too, to catch up with Josh and Julie. Thanks Pellum for having us over to meet your sweet little girl....we can't wait for the chance to meet Nadia and see the twins together!!!

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