Friday, November 18, 2011

The Fulton Family's Favorites Friday

POPCORN!!!!! If you asked me my favorite snack- it would be popcorn.

If you asked me what my favorite thing to do with the family was, it would be watch a movie and eat POPCORN!!! I love it!!

I'm a traditionalist....real butter melted and dribbles all throughout my huge bowl and sprinkled with salt. Lots of it!

So when my girlfriend, Rachel told me I HAD to try one of her client's line of popcorn products, I was skeptical. Sure, I can always use the actual kernels but I liked air popped popcorn, not bagged. And I don't need a bunch of flavors to add...just my little pitcher of melted butter goodness and nothing else.

I'd seen KernelSeasons flavors before at the theatre. Butter, Nacho, Sour Cream and Onion. But who knew about the rest.

So, I told Rachel I'd try them. I don't like to just try things, I like to experience things. And turn it into memories. So I told Rach I'd have a popcorn party for Alaric and Amara's friend and we'd taste, try, enjoy.

AHHHHHHHHH( thats the sound of the heavens opening up and shining light right down on my dining room table)
Hmmmmm....while my excitement was growing as I layed each item out on my table, I also was a little bit crabby- I longed for my simple salt shaker. I mean, come on....Chili Lime? Cajun? Chocolate Marshmellow?
I love my StirCrazy popcorn popper. Put the combination of good kernels and a stir crazy together, and almost every kernel gets popped. Its beautiful to see the golden kernels in the oil spinning and getting hot, just ready to pop and become an incredible snack!

And I find it absolutely fascinating that it then turns into this beautiful, white fluffy product!!

I prepared the space for the party. 16 hungry children and their parents would be arriving shortly. I loved these cute little nacho cheese shakers I was using as favors.

Ta Da!!! Ready to go....15 shakers, 3 HUGE tubs of popcorn ( made with Kernel Season's popcorn and oil) and two cans of kernel season's popcorn spray. Before everyone arrived, Mara wanted me to tell her the names of each flavor. We went around the table and I read her the name on each one.

"Chocolate Marshmellow?" she asked


"I want that one."

"You can try them all"

"I can? Ok!"

I left the room and came back to find the lid off the Chocolate one and her sweet head on the table, waiting. She knew she had to wait but she was going to be ready!
Everyone arrived and was excited. Alaric had been waiting for this party for weeks ( he, like me, LOVES popcorn!)I gathered everyone in the same room and gave instructions and pointers and send the kids and their parents on their way to the table.

THEY WERE THRILLED!!!! Reading the lables. Spraying the spray so the seasoning with stick. Running to the other room to start eating and then running back to try something new.

Mostly, the flavors were appreciated. Maybe even loved! Smiles...

Full mouths...

Big laughs as more popcorn was shoved in!Within minutes, the table was destroyed. Shakers on their side, bowls everywhere. And the popcorn was really EVERYWHERE. 16 children under the age of 8?! lets just say i'm glad I didn't vaccuum before they arrived. A few flavors caught the children by surprise ( salt and vinegar, barbeque, jalepeno) but some loved those too and I was so proud of the kids for trying them.The kids just kept coming back for more and more and more. What I thought would only be a 30 minute party lasted well over an hour. And the kids were engaged in popcorn the whole time. They became adventurous too....adding two together to come up with combinations. Hating it, throwing it away, and starting over. Asking parents for their advice on concoctions. Over and over.

Seems to me that this was a good sign that the kids were having fun!The parents loved it too. I couldn't wait to try the flavors. We not only tried them on popcorn but talked about other ways to use the about Carmel on oatmeal? Or apple cinnamon on toast? Maybe nacho cheese on veggies? or Chili Lime on rice or sprinkled on your taco? The brainstorming was fun!

And when the party drew to an end and the kids booed about having to leave when there was still more popcorn ( did you see the size of the buckets I used?), we took a group picture.

All happy children. Stuffing their face with amazing popcorn, products,and flavors from Kernel Seasons! Thanks for making this fun group a popcorn drunk group....giggling and content!
But the party didn't stop there. That night I was making two types of chicken salad. One sweet with grapes, apples, and a dash of vanilla and one savory with vegetables and garlic. All the Kernel Season products were still out. Hmmmmm....

Yup. I did it! Apple Cinnamon and Caramel to the sweet one and Chili Lime and Ranch to the savory one. They were delicious.

And just yesterday ( no picture), when I made pancakes to share for a meeting I was at, I threw Chocolate Marshmellow, Caramel, and Apple Cinnamon shakers in my bag to see if anyone wanted to sprinkle on top of their pancake-HUGE hit! What fun!

Rachel, you were right! The products are amazing. Even a traditionalist like me can enjoy something new and different. It was so fun! I loved every second of it....and vacuuming up thousands of popped kernels didn't even bother me! Thanks!

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Rachel Kuna said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing and I'm glad you enjoyed.