Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Teacher gifts this year..."You are the "raisin" I'm so happy!"  Each kid made 5 today.  So proud of Amara who wrote out all of hers by herself!

 I got to make valentines today too.  I made sparkly Kool Aid Playdough!
Breakfast:  heart pancakes, heart apples, heart sausage!
Lunch:  Heart PB & J, heart apples, heart cheese...and a heart candy)
Mara took her turn delivering her valentines to all her friends at school!

 Each child sat patiently while others delivered.  It was great!
How do you show your kids love without buying them anything or giving them sweets?  Spell out I love you in their favorite things...LEGOS!
and books!  What a fun surprise for them!
The Kid's Dinner: Grilled Cheese, Veggie, and hearts, of course!
 The kids loved sorting through all their valentines and getting cards in the mail from loved ones!  Check out our wall!
 Brian and I make cards for each other, not buy them.  He did a top 10 reasons why I love you with number one being " you are so beautiful" ( the first line he ever said to me).  Ironically, the first line of my card was the same.  We even used the same image.  True Love!
What a wonderful day!

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