Sunday, February 3, 2013


Our family LOVES snow.  Really.  No one loves to play in it more than Brian.  He turns into an 8 year old as soon as flakes begin.  And this winter has been depressing for kids ( and us).  NO SNOW!  So sad.  So- when we saw there was even the tiniest amount on the ground, we skipped church and headed outdoors.  YUP!  I don't even feel bad about it, either.  We needed a free day to play and be silly and throw snowballs and attempt to build a snowman.  Why?
 This is why!!!!  Look at these two precious souls who loved every second of it and wanted to be with us and be together.
 Usually we sled on the side of the overpass ( don't judge) no snow there.  We began driving over town and stopped at the golf course ( don't tell).  I thought I would simply be taking pictures since walking out to the hill was hard enough.  But after a few minutes of watching, I decided to try it ( don't judge again).  And it was amazing!!  My foot held up fine and my kiddos cheers me on!  Priceless!
 The getting back up the hill was hard but so worth it!
 We had a blast.  it was cold and we only lasted about an hour. 
 This is why I love my husband!

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