Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ballet Class

So I made a deal with my neighbor and dancing friend, Danielle to teach Mara dance.  In return, I will take her two boys during that time for a playdate with Al.  

We both win!  Amara gets dance class ( the other classes in our town were NOT worth it), Danielle gets away from her boys fro 45 minutes AND she gets some girly time!

Each week we walk across the street in a tutu and tap shoes and wait patiently for Ms. Danielle to answer the door.

 Usually I have her boys and Al so I don't get to watch any part of class.  Today however, Brian was home so I sat in for about 10 minutes.  

First, they got into position.  Danielle made Amara a poster will all the ballet positions on it so she could practice at home. 
 Then they Grand Plie ( hiney to the heels, as Ms. Danielle refers to it as)
 Look at this little show off!  She was so excited to show me her moves.  I hated to leave.

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