Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cancer Panel

My girlfriend, Jen- who has become such an inspiration in my life and such and incredible support system for me-asked me to represent skin cancer on a cancer panel discussion at Parkland College.   I knew about it for months and had it on the calendar.  I made reference to it in a blog post.  But I didn't tell anyone.  This was my thing and I didn't want anyone to feel like they had to go....

that is until my mom called and asked if I was speaking at Parkland. She had read it in the paper.  She and dad were coming.

So off we headed today.  The kids had childcare after school and Brian met us at Parkland.

I was nervous.  We we asked to share our story in 3-5 minutes.  3-5  MINUTES!?  No way.  I can talk for 3-5 minutes about a hangnail.  

I did it though and it was great.  There were lots of people, great questions, lots of dicussion, and an incredible panel. 

Really impressed with how it was organized, how it made me feel, and so very honored to have sat next to my friend and done this.

Thanks Jen for the opportunity!

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