Saturday, April 14, 2012

PROM- Footloose!

So, Thursday night after a neighborhood happy hour, I tell my neighbors that we should have prom next weekend when Monticello is having their prom ( we had talked about doing a neighborhood prom in the past).  Staci says that she has to work next weekend and we should do it THIS Saturday instead.  What started off as a giggle and just a suggestion, set the wheels in motion and 20 minutes later, we were planning the party, creating the playlist, and thinking details.  The theme...FOOTLOOSE!  80's!

E-mails were sent and the weather report was watched.  Saturday morning we all headed to the re-sale shop to get clothes and I headed to my parents to get my old formals.  Even though it was pouring rain, we were comitted and EXCITED!

The men transformed the carport with Christmas lights

 While the girls made corsages and boutoneres for the men.
 By 6PM, we were ready.  The kids were just as excited as we were!  Alaric couldn't wait to break out his bowtie again!
 I tried to get my hair as big as a could and put on as much pink blush and blue eye shadow but still I just kinda looked like me ( a few friends even complimented my hair).  Brian on the other hand looked incredible with his narrow tie, popped collar, and converse tennis shoes.
 I took one of my formal dresses, hiked it up to make it shorter and made a huge bow in the back.  We striked our prom pose!
 yes, we had a bouncehouse.  This had to be a kid friendly prom and the bouncehouse was  a HUGE hit!
 and no highschool prom woul dbe complete without two sweethearts carrying their first child.  Staci used a pillow and played the part well!
 Their real first-born, Sierra, wore Staci's senior prom dress.
 Mara was so excited to dress in her princess clothes.
 This is Alaric's girlfriend, Alyssa.  They've been dating now for 5 years and this is their first prom.
 The Fultons
 The Sowinski's
 The Brians!
 Cara and Sean
 Danielle and Eli
 Of course I was the first on the dancefloor and tried to get the neighbor kids to join me.
 Mara and Alyssa had a blast!
 The Germans
 The Robinsons
 The guys loved hanging out!
 As did us girls!
 More girls!
 more boys!
 The ugly carport did look great with the Christmas lights
 Mara had a thing for D that night....
 Oh Daddy!
 Alaric wants to be just like his Dad!
 Alaric took this pic
 And Mara took this one ( see how we squatted down) was that kind of night!
 Are you surprised?
 3 of the neighborhood boys! ( missing Cole,jack, and Michael)
 Jump Around
 And yes, this is how the night ended!  HA!
We had a BLAST!  The weather ended up being perfect.  The kids were great.  People brought amazing snacks to share.  The music was awesome and we ended the night the way it all began....just the Smiths and the Fultons hanging out in the driveway talking about the next Prom!

Set your will be the Saturday before Monticello's Prom and theme will be 50's!  !!!

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The Buehnerkemper Family said...

What a great night! Can't wait for the next one!