Monday, April 9, 2012


We LOVE going to Auntie Doris' church on the Saturday before Easter for their annual egg hunt.  This time their cousin, Alinia, helped with cookie decorating!
 A delicious egg
 And a yummy butterfly!
 The chicks are such a special treat.  I love each year how my kids get more and more comfortable with the chicks.  Alaric was definately a leader this year.
 And then the hunt- thousands of FILLED eggs everywhere!
 Run Bubba!!!
 Proud of their full baskets!
 My sweetie!
 Then home to Auntie Doris' for an amazing lunch and more egg hunts.  One for the little ones and one for the big ones.

This is my cousin's new foster child, Anthony. This was his first Bechtel Family egg hunt- he did great!!!
 Veronica LOVED her basket full of eggs
 Matthew, Anthony, Alaric, Amara, Veronica, and Jack!
 Happy little boy and his daddy collecting eggs!
 Then the adults.  We get serious.  Lots of running, pushing, and throwing things.  I'm on the hunt!
 The basket was too small- the shirt works better!
 Woody is a trooper!
 Grammy made the kids their annual eggs- R2D2 for Bubs!
 And a cupcake for Mar
 The big kids still get baskets too!
 Stuff everywhere- 12 children!
 look at my princesses
 The Houser/Bechtel Family
Easter morning. the Easter Bunny arrived.  bringing toys and candy to their bedsides!

 Amara became very attached to her cousin Taylor this trip!

 Daddy and his big boy!
 Then we left Iowa and headed to Galesburg to meet Brian's family!
 Nana and Grandpa!
 So cute- LOVE this picture!
 My sweeties!
 skipping rocks at Lake Braken
 The hunt!!!
 The loot!!
What a wonderful weekend of family and loved ones!!!!

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