Saturday, April 28, 2012

Alaric's Karate Tournament

We left the Marathon and headed straight to Monticello to get to Bubba's Karate Tournament ( nothing like adding something else to an already crazy day).  Bri gave Bubba a pep talk and reviewed a few moved before we went in
 Alaric did AMAZING!  He was so clear, was strong with his moves
 AND BROKE A BOARD!!!!  With is palm strike.  SO PROUD!
 He even thought enough to bow to Sensai before taking his board.
 Aunt Anita got to see him.  It was so fun to see the beaming pride on all the faces of the family members who were there!
 So cute!
 and so proud of himself ( this is the actual board he broke.  They turned it into a trophy for him!)
 His Sensai, who he respects and loves!
 His DoJo.

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