Saturday, April 28, 2012

Illinois Marathon

Here were the shirts for our relay team this year!

 We started early-Brian with the first leg!
 So excited!  ( actually, I was a bit nervous-not about the run but about my feet)
 Lara and her hubs Phil were leg two!
 Then me.  I did well.  I ran 10 minute  miles which has been almost unhead of lately with my feet.  I loved all the people, the music, the fun....I didn't like the stitch in my side most of the time.  I haven't had one of those for a year.  I did it though.  It was fun!  Highlights were by far running by my parents house and seeing they had made me a sign!  SO fun!  and then running by my brother's house and seeing him and my nephew Jack.  I gave high fives and I love yous and kept moving!
 Then Anita.  She did great too!  We all joined her for the last quarter mile and ran into the stadium together.  Such a great experience to run in onto the 50 yard line of the Football field!
 Go Team Racing Home!
 Our sweeties were there cheering us on!

 Love this running family!
 Brian's parents had the kids and met us after the finish line!  SO GREAT!
 Brian and I, Anita, and her friend Betsy needed a beer on the walk back to the car.  Heaven!
There is talk of the full marathon for Bri next year and the half for Anita and I.  For now, I'm enjoying the beer!

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