Friday, December 18, 2009

Jack and June's Christmas Party

Last night was Jack and June's Christmas party for the 9 kids in the neighborhood. Everyone was so excited as June is always so creative.

Alaric and Alyssa wait to find out what they will be doing!
Everyone headed into the kitchen for a craft. Each child got their own paper that had a tracing of a house and tree. The older kids received an envelope with different pieces they could take and put together to create a picture. The little ones were given one piece at a time ( house, roof, chimney, door, windows, tree, ornaments, etc).

Alaric did AMAZING and totally suprised me with his gluing abilities. Amara didn't last long but while she was at the table, she was having fun!
Katlyn and Hannah love June projects!
Then we all had a little snack...again, very meticulous about how it was done ( June taught for years and years and you could see that she knew just how to handle and give instuctions to a group like this of different ages and abilities).
WE LOVE JUNE ( we love Jack too but he was upstairs with a cold!!!)
Then it was into the living room for gifts. She had everything perfectly organized. First, everyone was given a bag with their name on it. Then she handed out the art projects they had just done and were instructed to place it immediately in their bag. Then, she started sorting gifts. Everyone got numerous gifts and she distributed them one at a time. The kids went back to their spot, opened their gift, oohed and ahhed, put the gift in their take home bag, and waited for their name to be called again. Nothing got lost, no garbage, easy pick up, it was amazing to watch how well it all worked! Amara got her first gift.Another one of her gifts was this small, fuzzy purse-she loved it!
Everyone sat back and just enjoyed opening their gifts, one by one
June had TONS of gifts for each kid, beautifully organized in individual bags. She just kept opening bags, calling names, and waiting for children to collect!Alaric got this awesome magnetic guy that you put magnetic clothes on. He has one at preschool and loves it because the guy has firefighter, police, pirate, and other "boy" clothes!
Then, June got lots of hugs and "I love yous" and a few cards and gifts too!

You all know we have amazing neighbors in the perfect neighborhood but special night like this make us count our blessings again and realize how truly blessed and LUCKY we are.

June, thanks for spoiling our kids rotten, feeding their bellies and their hearts with lots of love, and for being such an incredible woman!

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