Friday, December 4, 2009

Kairos Goes Caroling!

Tonight, it the dark and cold, we bundled up the kids and ourselves in lots of layers and headed to the Downtown Square for Caroling to all the local businesses with Alaric's Preschool, Kairos.

We had a lot of fun! Amara LOVED it! Especially when the teachers handed out bells.
She looks alittle shocked here but we could hardly control her booty shaking and bell ringing.

Brian and Alaric had so much fun together! They were even caught dancing to Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer!!
There were probably 50 people that joined us to carol!
We had so much fun at our first official holiday event of the season!
We caroled our way to the Courthouse lawn where the kids stood waiting for the tree to be lit and danced! Damn they are cute!
The mayor welcomed everyone and lit the Christmas tree!
The bell choir from a local church performed for us- do you see Santa there on the end? I didn't know he played bells!
We went our for pizza with two other families after the caroling and had a wonderful time!

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