Thursday, December 17, 2009

Miscellaneous Advent Fun

When the kids wake up from nap, the head straight to the TV for about a half hour of TV and snack. Al always sits in Brian's chair and Amara pulls her little chair over in front of the TV. They never sit together nor seem to want to.

Yesterday however, the kids got themselves into this cute position on their own. I was getting their snacks and walked in and they were like this. Al must have even put the blanket over them too. SO sweet!
Last night was craft night at our house! I was in the basement doing some painting of a Christmas project and Brian was sitting in the family room working on a sewing project for Christmas ( I know it seems weird but I can't sew and thanks to 7th grade home economics, Brian can. it's hard to mess up painting so I was banished to the basement by myself).

Anyway, Alaric was so intruiged by the sewing machine, he too wanting to do some sewing. Instead, we compromised to cutting work instead. I gave him some old Sponge Bob fabric I had and away they went...sitting in front of the TV, SEWING!!!!
Each night the kids open a Christmas book from their Advent Book baskets. The other day, Alaric got a book and a tape to listen to. He was overjoyed. Today before nap, he wanted to listen to the story again. Amara was so excited!

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