Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas #1- Coal City

Our busy schedules and our need to slow down and enjoy each event we schedule with family dictated this year that we had our first Christmas this weekend, at Brian's grandma's house in Coal City. It was just us with the Fulton side- the rest will come around Christmas. We had a wonderful time!

Here Alaric plays with some toys- he loves visiting Great Gram's house!
Mara checks out Gram's rocking chair.
The kids playing piggy back. Another reason why we love these visits away? We have no responsibilities....without laundry and dishes and shopping to do and the never ending To DO list, Brian and I spent tons of time on the floor with the kids, reading books, and being extra silly- it's pure JOY!
Uncle Tommy hands out bitesized icecream "Dibs" The kids piled them in their mouth. BIG HIT, Uncle!
Uncle Tommy was so fun. He and Mara spent 20 minutes playing this game. He had his palm filled with coins. She took one at a time....
...and brought it to the coffeee table. Then back for more. Over and over and over. Uncle surprised the kids and let them keep the money!
Grandma and her favorite ( and only) great-grandson!!!!
Grandma with both of the looks like both are unhappy but Mara is mid-cough ( poor girl has a terrible cold) and Alaric is revving the engine on a car!
The sweet kids right before we opened gifts!
Amara played "Santa" even though we kept telling her the gift was for Gram, she thought Uncle George needed to have it!Amara got a bible with her name engraved on the front!
Alaric was overjoyed to get his very own fire truck!!!
Gram opens her gift- a sifter!
Aunt Mary and Uncle George got Bri a Cubs sweatshirt!
Mara got a name puzzle AND the angel/birthstone pin on her sweater. She was so proud she got to wear the pin all night!
The firetruck was made in Germany and the only instructions were in German and there were no diagrams. The boys all worked hard to try to get the functions to work.
Uncle George participated to by trying to get clues from the pictures
The kids had a blast jumping on the bed in the guest room. They could see themselves in the mirror!
Our favorite game to play at Fulton family gatherings....Liverpool Rummy! We play it every time! Here everyone is right before Alaric headed off to bed.
This morning was church. The kids got into their Sunday Best!
Mara looks sweet here with Daddy but she wasn't feeling well and was SUPER fussy!Alaric's extra good mood compensated
The kids in one of their holiday outfits. Check out Alaric's tie- it matches Mara's jumper ( I didn't even buy them together)
Mara perks up before church. They did great. They spent a half hour in the pews with us and then went to the nursery. Gram loves showing them off and it was a beautiful service.
Video of the kids on the bed. Alaric loves practicing the moves he learned last week at a gymnastic birthday party!

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