Sunday, December 6, 2009

Alyssa turns 5!!!!

We rushed home from church, changed our clothes, and Alaric and I headed out the door to his girlfriend, Alyssa's birthday party at the local gymnastic center. He was so excited!
All the kids! Alaric was the youngest by far however on his tiptoes, you'd never know it!
They practiced their jumping jacks for warmups!
Alyssa was SO good at everything-she loves gymnastics!
Alaric and BEcca take a trip on the long trampoline.
Then each child got to run and jump onto a platform trampoline and jump off. Alaric did so well- hesitant and slow but so cute!
The first move they had to master on the big tramp was the safety stop. Put your hands on your knees and stop. He did great and was so proud of himself.
Then, what he had been waiting for- the foam pit!
Come on Alaric...out of the foam more party to go to today....
Video of Alaric working on his drop sit move on the tramp!

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