Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Lunch at our home!

After Alaric got out of preschool today, he invited 7 of his friends over for a pizza lunch! The kids played all over the house while I cooked 4 pizzas for the 9 kids and 7 moms that came over.
Big news in MOnticello, the local bank was robbed. The robber had a semi-automatic gun and was successful in leaving the bank with money. The bank is right next door to Alaric's preschool and my good friend, Polly is a teller there so the moms had lots to talk about.
While the kids waited for their pizza, I had them work on toothpick and marshmellow and spice drop creations. Such an easy way to keep them entertained while they waited.
Reagan shows off his star

Alaric and Brayden loved their projects
Alex and Kelton were so creative
The little ones...Mason, Amara, and Nolan did more eating that creating but had a great time too
Cole showed us how big boys eat!
What a fun little holiday party- only one hour, involved pizza and candy, the kids entertained themselves and the moms stayed to help me clean up!

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