Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas in Coal City!

Our last Christmas celebration of the season was yesterday and today. We headed to Coal City to visit with Great Grandma Fulton, Uncle TOmmy, and Aunt Mary and Uncle George. The kids LOVE visiting Grandma. And while she only has about 3 toys and few books, the kids are in heaven and play together so nicely.
The kids were so excited to have G. Gram and A.Mary and U.George open their homemade gifts.

We love you, Aunt Mary (87) and Uncle George (93)!!!

When we visit Coal City, we play hours and hours and hours of Liverpool Rummy. yesterday, Tommy, Mary, and Bri taught the kids how to play. It was time!

Lots of visiting and sharing stories and lots of tickling and laughing with Uncle TOmmy!

Oh, and rides on Gram's new lift chair!And when we got home....that wiggly tooth came out, making 2 teeth lost in 5 days!!!

What an incredible trip and time together as a family!

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