Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Eve at The Jacksons!

We love our groups of friends and feel so blessed to have different groups we are part of, all with children! Last night we headed to The Jacksons for their annual NYE party! Tons of kids, fun adults, and lots of laughing!
After hours of playing and eating, the kids get into jammies and get stuffed animals and watch movies, play video games, and run around like crazy!

The girls!

The guys

Here's who was there....usour amazing hosts, Tiff and Clint

Courtney and Nate

Scott and Steph

Adam and Anne

Jenny and Zack

Andrea and Jake

Tara and Darren

Ryan and Cynthia

Everyone gathered for the countdown to midnight-the kids loved it!!!!

I love you, Miss Mara!!! Its going to be an incredible 2012 for all of us!We loved every second of our time together, with friends we see often and others only a few times a year. The kids were incredible and they too cherish the times with dear friends they've had since birth!

Happy New Year to each of you! May 2012 be amazing and filled with happiness and love!

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