Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mommy/Son Event! Mall Scavenger Hunt!

Today I had a dat with my sweet little man and we were both so excited! Time alone with only one kid doing something fun and special is precious, and often infrequent. Which is why TheMomsGroupofMonticello decided to plan one event a year for Moms and their Daughters and Moms and their Sons. Today was the Mommy/Son event and it was a Scavenger Hunt at the Mall.

So all the moms and kids gathered and we were given our insturctions....get your digital camera ready and your piece of paper and search the mall and find something for each letter of the alphabet. Then come back for snack and carousel rides. Off we went....

We had such a blast! Alaric was already running to get to the stores he had ideas for. He had a plan. It was so fun letting him be in charge. We went store to store and looked at tons of stuff and tried to be as silly as possible along the way. We laughed ALOT and went everywhere. We stopped for some candy in the candy store, some playtime in the play area, and even played a video game. It was the best! Here are a few of our favorites....







We filled up our sheet and were sad to see it end.

But we headed back to the food court for snacks and carousel rides and we loved every second!

Thanks to The Moms Group for this fun opportunity to spend the day with my favorite little boy in the world!

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The Buehnerkemper Family said...

Awe! That sure looked like a really fun event! Great idea!