Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow Day...I mean Snowy Day

The kids woke up this morning and there was a little dusting of snow outside. They begged to go out and play. I told them only after they got dressed and did all their chores. You've never seen kids work so hard or so fast! It was great.

So at 7:20AM, I sent them out to explore. They loved catching snow on their tongues.
And Alaric got down to business right away writing his name.

Making tracks was also fun.

And when I called them in at 8Am to get ready to leave, they were wet and happy and I promised they could go out again after school and play with the neighbors.

And they did- this time, I bundled and bundled and bread bagged their feet and put socks over their wrists before their gloves and 45 minutes later, in the bitter cold, these boogers were still playing like crazy, and warm!

I love snow!!!

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