Thursday, January 26, 2012

Visit with the Boyds...and Kunas...and More!!!

Our best friends, and Alaric's Godparents, Heather and Justin Boyd, were in town for a little bit from San Diego. We love getting to spend some time with them!

And Alaric LOVED his Godparents!
And Godsisters, Charley...

and Olivia!

I was so lucky to work out during their visit, a short trip with just Heather and the bigger kids up to Chicago to visit our other friend, Rachel at her new-GORGEOUS home in the burbs!

And the trip was even better because my two other best friends, Alicia and Jenny ( and Jen's son Michael) joined us for a few hours!

The kids all got along perfectly and enjoyed all parts of the house- even the bathtub!

The ladies ( and MJ) worked on a fun dinner together in the kitchen,

While the big kids devoured their food!and Amara got to spend some QT with her Godmother, Jenny!

The munchkins had a blast playing

and watching a movie

and I got my dream of spending an evening with all four of my best friends together!!!

I'm so lucky! Thanks for hosting us, Rachel!


The Buehnerkemper Family said...

I'm so glad you were all able to get together like that! Looked like a great time!

Jenny Murray said...

Love love love that I was able to spend a few hours with my favorites and their littles.