Saturday, January 21, 2012


While others didn't mind this mild winter, The Fultons were going through withdrawl because we weren't able to do our favorite winter activity, SLEDDING! We decided to try today anyway...not alot of snow but we still made it fun!

We sled on the side of the interstate at an overpass. I remember growing up seeing others do that as we would drive and thinking they were crazy but what's crazy is that Monticello has NO OTHER options for sledding. The hills are intense and I'll only let my kids do it if there is an adult with them but its really fun!

The kids have gotten really good about going down the hill by themselves.
But we LOVE going down with them!

Its the climbing up part thats hard. Look at this sweet girl! She was so dedicated.

What a blast!

THis was the 1st sled of the day....we hadn't gotten the hang of it yet or figured out which snow to use for our tracks- SUCH A BLAST!!!

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The Buehnerkemper Family said...

We've missed sledding this year too! Looks like fun!