Sunday, January 8, 2012

Getting the Labyrith Ready for Spring

Our church has a beautiful meditation Labyrith and garden right outside of the santuary. Its a place for peaceful reflection and time alone and also for kids to run on and squeal in delight. Its a joy to have as part of our McKinley Church campus and an even bigger honor because its called the Bechtel Family Labyrinth. In November 2009, This Labryrith was officially dedicated after years of fundraising and planning...mostly by my parents. And since then- its been enjoyed by so many. We had all these great intentions this past fall to get the hundreds of tulips my mom purchased into the ground so the area would be even more beautiful this spring but that didn't happen ( our Fall was a bit hectic). Whoever could have imagined that on a Sunday in January, when the weather was in the weather was in the 40's, we'd be outside planting bulbs, clearing out bushes, and enjoying the garden?

Everyone helped, even Jack. Thanks to Brian for pre-digging all the holes- all the kids had to do was drop in bulbs and cover.

Brian shows the kids how to place the bulb and cover and pat.

While V and Dan start the covering

Church friends stopped to chat and watch and visit

and we all had to take the opportunity to walk the path.

Proud Grammy & Papa!

Proud to be a Bechtel and proud to be a McKinlian!

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