Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas at OUR HOME!

For those who know me, you know Christmas is my favorite day of the year. I don't care at all about the gifts ( however it brings both Brian and I great joy to see the kids' eyes light up and to create a very magical day for them). I love it because its US. Its PJs all day. Its snuggling and playing and leaving messes as they are. Its pillow fights, binge eating, and watching tons of movies. Its napping throughout the day and having no guilt about it. And lots of kisses and zerberts and laughing. I love it!

So, we were all so excited to get out of bed and race to the living room to see what Santa brought for everyone!

The kids got everything they asked for ( Santa only brings stocking items to our house so the kids know they must only ask for small items that will fit in their stockings).

5 years ago, Brian and I began a Christmas tradition for our family that has been life changing. We don't like "stuff". We don't need more. We prefer giving and spending time together and creating life-long memories. So, we began 3 gifts. Only 3 gifts. Each of us only receives three gifts under the tree ( not including any handmade treasures from school or church or crafting). One gift is just for the person ( something they would love!). Another one is something for us to do IN the house or at our home that we can share together as a family but totally geared towards the person who is receiving the gift. The third is something for us to do AWAY from our house as a family, again geared towards that person.

So, here ya go! Here's a rundown on what we got.


Gift for her: All things My Little Pony!

Gift for Home: Amara's Art Cart! A cart filled with all new art supplies, paints, paper, coloring books, clipboards, glue, and other craft supplies for us to all use at home!

Gift for AWAY from Home: PINKALICIOUS LIVE!!!! We are going to see Pinkalicious The Musical at the Parkland College Theatre!


Gift for him:All Things StarWars!!!

Gift for AT Home: Two Kung FU Panda movies, his own popcorn and his own shaker of nacho cheese sprinkles!

Gift for AWAY from home: LEGOLAND!!!! A trip to Chicago's Legoland!!!!!!!


Gift for me: Apron with a picture of me drinking the biggest Octoberfest Beer I could find and the words "Id rather be drinking" LOVE IT!!!

Gift for AT Home: A picture puzzle of my one of my favorite pics of the kids!

Gift for AWAY from home: Audiobook of the newest Nicholas Sparks Book!! I run and listen to audiobooks. helps me disconnect ( don't make fun of me-its works)


Gift for him: Book by his favorite blogger, Fatty. He had been asking for it for awhile. Because of technical difficulties when trying to order it on line, I actually got to communicate and text back and forth with Fatty and that was so fun!!!

Gift for AT Home: A Book of short stories of Greek Mythology so Brian can read it outloud to the family!

Gift AWAY from home: Scavenger hunt. Coming in the next few weeks. Around town, you name it. Just wait for details on this one!!!!

Alaric made us a couple beautiful ornaments ( you know how I love my ChristmasTree ) and a coupon book with services he will provide!

And Amara made two beautiful ornaments for us too!!!We sat back and enjoyed the destruction only 12 gifts can createand played with our kids and their new toys!!!Oh, and Amara showed off her new princess panties she very specifically asked Santa for with the promise she would do better.

After an amazing home-made breakfast, we did what we always do...blew up the Aerobed in the family room right in front of the TV and ran around the house getting every pillow we could find and settled in for hours and hours of laziness!! It was perfect!!!

And while work is usually strictly prohibitted on Christmas, we did have to do some to prepare for hosting Bechtel Family Christmas tomorrow. So, we stayed in the jammies and Mar and I got to work making dough for the greatestcinnimonrollsever.
It was an amazing day!Merry Christmas everyone. So sad that its over!

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