Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nelson Family Christmas-in Knoxville!

So, the kids get to watch one show in the mornings. Usually they sit on seperate couches. SOmetimes they sit next to each other. But today, they must have been filled with the Christmas spirit because today, I found them like this. Intertwines. Bubba rubbing her head. Sissy holding his feet. SO SWEET!!
Another photoshoot before we headed to our next Christmas celebration. GOD, I love Christmas dressed for little girls!

And I promise you, I SWEAR to you...Bubba was more excited about this bowtie than I was. he loved it!

The Fultons!

We headed straight to the Houstons for another family celebration of the Nelson Family!

Everyone loves to document each moment.

Alaric's Uncle Jeff and Aunt Tammie and Uncle Kent and Aunt Tracy got his a new bike!!! He was nervous because it didn't have training wheels but as soon as we told him we could add them, he was overjoyed ( can you see his nerves?)

Mara loved playing with her new jewelry box with Aunt Anita and dressing up with her new jewels!

THen tons of delicious food!

Then a family favorite....Girls and Guys Gift Exchange! Its intense, fast paced, and so fun!

The Fultons

The Hennenfents

The Nelsons

The Houstons

The original NelsonsGrandma and all her grandkids and great grandkids!The whole gang!And while I desperately want a white Christmas and really don't mind the cold and snow, it was incredibly nice to be outside without our coats and to have the kids play on the trampoline together.

What an absolutely wonderful day! We are so very blessed to have such an incredible family who likes to be together and gets along so well. I love you, Nelson Family!

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