Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Party at Jack and June's House!

Today was June's much anticipated Christmas party for the kids! The kids couldn't hardly wait to be with their neighborhood friends at Jack and June's house!
These darling snowmen, made by June, greeted us when we arrived.

Jack loves to steal his hugs and the kids love to have them stolen!

It started with snack. June only serves family style...teaching the kids to pass and take only what the need. Today, all food items had to be picked up with a Santa toothpick. The kids loved it! Jack mostly watched TV from his chair, but occassionally he'll come in and steal a bite to eat.

Then on to crafts---pom pom trees!

June picks up things all year long for the neighbors. She loves doing it and the kids LOVE finding out what she has in store. You know its going to be fun when she gives you a garbage bag with your name on it.

June likes to have the kids pick things. So, she'll put out 9 little boxes or nine bags/purses,etc and then the kids take turns picking. Everyone loves it.

They sat perfectly still, with their bags, waiting for June's instructions.

then she gives each child a special gift for them. The 5 little ones each got a book. They took turns watching and waiting to see what the book would be. This year they each got an Usborne book...1001 things to find....( with Pirates, on vacation, animals, fairies, around town). They loved them! The girls huddled together while Bubba sat on the floor engrossed in his pirate book.

The 4 big girls each got beautiful jingle bell bracelets from local jewelry store, Pearls and More!


Then the big kids took the little kids to our home next door to feed them and babysit so the adults could have our own happy hour/holiday party

We are like family so its just so nice to stand around, have a few drinks, eat amazing food, and just BE! I LOVE OUR NEIGHBORS ( you all knew that, though), right?

Jack and June's house is so beautiful at night!

Love you Jack and June...thanks for spoiling our children and us and making us feel so loved. We are so blessed to have the best neighbors ever!!!

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