Sunday, December 4, 2011

Trimming The Tree....I LOVE the Tree!!!

The tree is my favorite holiday decoration. I love it! I don't have a pretty, color coordinated tree with only one or two or three colors and perfect ornaments and beautiful branches. I have a story to tell. A journey. I lifetime of memories. And putting all that together is the best part.

The tree spent the night stretching out and finding its place in the living room. Tonight was the time to dress it all up pretty.

While Brian and I attached 600 lights, the kids colored in their Christmas coloring books.
Then while I made a new bow for the top of the tree, Brian and Amara made the BEST hot cocoa ever!

And then Bubba and I snuggled.

The secret to the best hot cocoa...frozen cool whip! A big dollop on top not only makes it super creamy but cools it off nicely for everyone, especially the kiddos!

Our parents gave both of us our childhood ornaments when we moved in together so we have hundreds of ornaments, come almost 35 years old. We have the sweet ones we made in school, the ones our grandma's gave to us, the ones we were given from our parents and had to do with whatever we did that year ( babysitting, soccer, etc). Then we have ones from our honeymoon and ones we bought to represent trips we've taken. Each kid has their own too. They get one from us each year. The kids LOVED finding thier ornaments, remembering what they loved and were obsessed with that year, and putting them on the tree.

Mara really enjoyed looking through each and everyone. And Bri and I loved telling the babes about them.

Sweet girl even tried to drink from Brian's beer ornament.

Christmas music playing, lights dimmed, cocoa to sip, children decorating...Brian and I began to dance. And our well trained son captured it on camera.

The tree is a gift within itself. A reflection of our family. Each ornament, each twinkly light, each well placed item shows onlookers that we have so much to celebrate, so much to live. SO much to love. We have each other. We have a family that is strong. We are lively and colorful and bold and sparkly and unique. I love this that stands before me...the tree too!

Before we went on with our evening, we all sat on the couch with all the lights off except the tree and just stared. And snuggled. We talked about which ornaments were our favorites. Why we liked the tree so much.

The tree completes our holiday decorations. Everything else is done. Now...we enjoy!

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Rachel said...

The tree looks beautiful! Loved that you two danced too. Sweet.