Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Kids Meet Santa!

After the swim party, we went home, threw on Christmas clothes, went to Champaign to pick up Brian and went to the mall to meet Santa. This is the first year Amara did NOT scream and actually sat on his lap- I was SO happy! They did amazing!
They talked to him for awhile and gave hugs- so sweet!

Brian carried the crew out of the mall and we headed to get our Christmas tree. After we had that, we headed to Deland to see the coolest house....

its amazing! Locals-well worth the drive!SInce Deland only had about 20 people in it, you can't miss it. The kids LOVED it ( I think I did even more)

Tree in the stand. Watered. Jammies. Bed. FREAKISHLY LONG DAY!

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