Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fulton Family Christmas-in Galesburg!

The kids woke up this morning to one special, unwrapped gift near the tree from Santa Claus! They went crazy running to their toys.
Mara got twin babydolls and Al got a Star Wars ship.

Happy Happy Kids!!!

And happy Nana and Grandpa! ( Its almost as fun to watch them as they watch Bubba and sissy!)

Oh, we were happy too!

My sweet man and me!

Love this little guy,

and this angel too!

Yes, we coordinate. Almost always. ( Don't make fun of me)

So many little time!

It was torture was the kids when we told them they had to wait and have brunch before gifts.

The kids entertained us all.What an amazing year of gifts...Brian got a custom made medal display with the name of his blog, RacingHome This year we are giving Giftsfromtheheart. So, when I asked Mara what she wanted to give to others, she said a tea party. So a tea party she gave. Anita and Nana were excited to recieve their invites ( look at sweet Mara's face and she looks to see if they like her gift she worked so hard on).

Nana made stuff too....she made Mara and her Bitty Baby, Emma two matching outfits- masterpieces! GORGEOUS!!!!

Aunt Anita loved her time with these two!

SO, the biggest and greatest gift we've ever received was from Anita. Brian had been wanting to see BookofMormon . Its a musical written by the same writers as South Park. Bri asked Anita to keep an eye out for it to come to Chicago. Anita called a month or so ago and told me that Book of Mormon was coming to Chicago but not until Dec 2012. Damn! So, we opened the card to her gift. It said,

" I couldn't wait for Book of Mormon to come to Chicago so...."

and in it was 3 tickets. Book of Mormon tickets. Huh? We looked at her. She told us to look closely at the tickets....

NEW YORK CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is coming with us and flying ALL THREE OF US to BOOK OF MORMON IN NYC on March 30th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He got us two rooms at TheRooseveltHotel and we are staying Friday through Sunday! I cried, then Bri cried, then Anita cried! It was amazing! So incredible.

After hours of opening gifts and much needed rest time since we were still in shock , we headed to cousin Katie's basketball tournament. SO fun watching her with the family before she heads to college next year to play college ball. While we watched the game, Amara flirted with her cousin, Tyler, and his friends.

We ran around the gym after the game.

and then went to Buffalo Wild Wings with the family afterwards!

What an incredible day!

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