Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Aunt Jenny & Aunt Alicia come to visit!

We all have been waiting for this visit! Me more than anyone. You all know I have 4 BestFriends I love every second I get to spend with them. So when Jenny AND Alicia decided to come down for a quick trip yesterday, I was overjoyed. And so were the kids! They love their aunts!!! Oh, and Jenny brought her one year old son, Michael and my kids LOVE Michael!

Love Love!

Bubba couldn't keep his hands off of MJ!

The decided to bring as many toys and dolls and stuffed animals and books TO Michael. They created their own mountain for him.Michael is the happiest little baby and it was so much fun to entertain him.Love you so much, Aunt Alicia!

We miss you already!

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