Thursday, December 1, 2011

Its Here! Its Here!!!

Its DECEMBER!!!! And that means its time for the Christmas countdown. I have been working non-stop and have only slept 5 hours and 2 days to get everything done for THIS morning! AND it was worth it.

I take my extremely large collection of Christmas children's books and pick the newest or the most loved 50 and divide them and wrap them. Each morning the kids may unwrap ONE book and read it independently or bring to breakfast for me to read. They LOVE doing this every morning.
A snow truck book for Bubba...

and Sesame Street for Sis!
We have about 25 Christmas DVDs so I try and display them low on the shelves so the kids can see.

Along with this stuff, each kid got all their PJs taken out and replaced with warm footy pajamas and 6 Christmas jammies for the month.

All the books in baskets or in their room have been replaced only with Christmas books.

All their Christmas clothes and dressy attire have been hung and pointed out to them.

All the decorations are up in the house except the tree ( Sunday)

All the lights are up outside

All the plates and bowls in the kitchen have been swaped out and replaced with Christmas ones or reds.

Bathroom and kitchen towels are Christmassy.

Its everywhere. And I love it ALL!!!

My favorite thing is the Advent Calendar. I remember the chocolate ones as a child with great fondness. My mom bought this one for us and I thinking of things to surprise the kids with each day. I dont like "stuff". Unless its small or memorable. I like memories and things to DO!!! So, while some days they will get a new Christmas t-shirt or a pez dispenser or a santa toy, most of the days are things to do together.....pick a second book from your basket. Have a dance party to your favorite Christmas music before breakfast, watch a Christmas movie tonight after dinner, go look at Christmas lights around town, do a Christmas craft together, bake, etc. And always on the first day of December, they go on a hunt to find their Christmas trees. They point to the #1 and then look inside for the says to go to the place where Mommy and Daddy keep their IPods

After they went to the computer desk, the next clue said to change the channel on the TV....up the stairs the kids ran to the TV Room to find the remote...

There it is, There is is. Now it says to go get a snack....

Watching them run around the house is my favorite part. They found the clue on the snack cabinet quicky. The final clue said to TAKE A BATH!!!! They giggled and jumped as they raced to the bathroom....

Our trees! Our Trees!! Hiding in the Tub!!!! They were so eager to pull the trees out of the tub and get them set up by their bedsides!

They love having them by their beds all night and watching the lights twinkle and the ornaments gleam!

I love the magic of Christmas. I love doing all these amazing things for my babies....and its all worth it when they attack you with hugs and kisses and tell you thankyou! ALL WORTH IT!

The last thing to reveal was the ElfontheShelf We got our elf for the first time last year and while I actually did NOT want another tradition, the kids love it. The elf finds a place to hide each day so he can watch you and see if you are being good. Then each night after you fall asleep, he magically flies to the North Pole to report to Santa if you've been good or bad. Then he races home to find a new place to hide each morning before you wake up. Everyday, the kids run around the house looking for the elf. This morning, the kids found him connected to the stained glass window. They jumped for joy and begged to hear the book, Elf on the Shelf that was already waiting for them at the breakfast table.

We are ready! The Christmas gifts are purchased and it's now time to enjoy this amazing time together as a family! HAPPY DECEMBER!!!!

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