Tuesday, December 27, 2011


When we woke up this morning and saw a little bit of snow on the ground, I'm not sure who was more excited to get outside, the kids or us! We love playing in the snow-preferrably sledding. Since the hills weren't quite ready for us, we headed to the yard! it was the best packing snow imaginable and perfect for a snowball fight over the fence with our neighbors!!!
Snow angels

First Fulton Snowman of the season

and lots of sled rides through the yards!

When the kids decided they wanted to make another snowman, we headed to Jack and June's yard (ours was now free of snow thanks to the packing ability) We began rolling

And rolling and rolling. And before you know it, we had three HUGE balls that were impossible to lift. Brian and I tried and tried and tried and ended up having to reduce ( or beat the crap out) of two balls so we could lift them! The kids loved their monsterous snowman so much, they wanted to sit on its head to be on top. Then Mara, our gymnast, wanted to stand.

Then Alaric tried

Then me. ( if you could have seen the effort that went into getting me on top of a 6 foot, frozen, snowman with no gloves and no upper body strength)

Brian too!

Snowy Days, we are ready for you! Hills, beware- we've got two new sleds ready to break in and 4 Fultons DYING to try them out!

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