Sunday, October 25, 2009

Trip to Chicago- Day 3 and Ghost Train AND Fall Fest Party!

Well today was super fun but felt like the longest day ever! Before we left Chicago, Aunt Anita and Mara have a bit more book and quality time.

Then on our way home as we approached Champaign County, we had the honor to witness something Brian nor I had ever been part escort of a fallen soldier to his hometown, Rantoul.

We knew of the soldier in Afghanistan from Rantoul who had died and we knew that soldier was coming home. When we saw from hundreds of yards away the never ending steam of flashing lights, we pulled over on the side of the interstate and just watched. It went on forever...firefighers, ambulances, police from every town in Champaign county and then hundreds of motocyclists who volunteer their time to honor these fallen soldiers by giving them a well deserved escort to their hometowns and their families. In the middle of the long line- a beautiful, white herse. Brian and I both were overcome with chills and emotions. We really did feel honored to witness.

After naptime, we headed to Monticello's RailWay Museum for the matinee Ghost Train with our friends, the Dills.

Alaric and Charlie get ready to see the spooky things outside the windows.

Another great fall memory!
Baby Joshua Dill loved his first Halloween train ride!Mara was SO excited she couldn't sit still ( wait- she can never sit still but you get the picture)
So Cute!
" Mom, I see a ghost!"
Monster Spiders!

A monster right in front of the window!AHHHHHHHHH!
The kids couldn't stop staring- waiting for the next surprise!
Then we went into the spook train ( with the lights on)

Then to the facepainter ( look at Amara's intense look)

The kids show off their tattoos on thier faces and arms!
The Dills

The Fultons
Then home for a quick wardrobe change and on to the next party- this time at the Lamb's house for a fall fest!Tracy and Jay Lamb live in the country and they have alot of land. Alaric was overwhelmed to see a 2nd grader riding his own John Deere. After the realization he would not be really driving it, we compromised with a tour of the barn and a SIT on the tractor.
What a beautiful home.The kids were in heaven running all over the yard.
My girlfriends Lisa and Cara!
Our husbands Sean, Ryan, and Brian

The firepit was a big hit
Alaric loves abusing his sissy- and she likes it too!
Tons of food, lots of great people, and a wonderful way to end the weekend! Gosh, I'm tired!

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Rachel said...

What a FUN day...Impressed with the fallen soldier parade. I got chills reading about it.